Placer Claim Staking Service

A large part of our business is staking placer gold claims for customers that have difficulty navigating the BC Governments online computerized mapping/staking software. We are computer experts and can help you find and stake a claim in your area of interest. Please contact us for more details on this service and we will do our best to find you a claim in the area of BC you are interested in.

Statement of Work Creation and Submission

We are able to complete your
Statement of Work on your behalf in order to move the expiry date of your claim forward. The cost of this service is $95 per claim.

Please contact us at least 30 days before the expiration of your claim.

During your work on your claim remember to gather;

    Pictures of your work; panning, highbanking, reclamation.
    Days and hours worked including number of people working at the same time, hours broken down per person
    KM driven to claim from your home - number of times traveled to claim.
    Expenses including lodging.

The report requires the following information;

Reports of physical exploration and development on a claim

15  (1) A report of physical exploration and development submitted as required by section 33 of the Act must include all of the following, as applicable:

(a) a detailed written description explaining the type of activity and the result obtained;
(b) the date the exploration and development started and the number of hours of work;
(c) an itemized cost statement related to that activity including the costs for labour, food, accommodation, transportation, rental and operation of machinery, equipment and instruments;
(d) a map at a scale of detail of 1:10 000 or more detailed that shows the geographic location of the exploration and development activity relative to the boundaries of the claim or block of claims on which the activity was carried out;
(e) metric dimensions of all workings, openings and related activity referenced to the map described in paragraph (d) for trenches, open cuts, adits, pits, shafts and underground activity;
(f) a map at a scale of detail of 1:5 000 or more detailed that shows the ground control or grid lines;
(g) a plan prepared by the land surveyor from a precision survey;
(h) a plan of the survey and differentially corrected coordinates of the legal posts surveyed from a global positioning survey;
(i) the amount in metric units of material removed from the ground and tested or processed including the metric dimensions of the excavation for placer panning, digging and washing of gravel;
(j) a statement of the qualifications of the author of the report.

Contact us anytime if you have any questions or wish to use our services.

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